About Us

We create artifact-themed fashion and relic wear that enthusiasts adore.

At Seminole Trail Threads, our love for history and passion for artifacts inspire every piece we create. Founded by David Brim and Matt Oglesby, our mission is to bring the rich stories of the past into the present with stylish, artifact-themed apparel. Whether you’re a seasoned artifact hunter or simply appreciate the beauty of ancient relics, our designs are made to connect with enthusiasts who share our dedication to preserving and celebrating history. Explore our unique collection and find the perfect piece to showcase your passion for artifacts.

Some of our Favorite Products

Stand out with our handpicked favorites, designed for those who love and appreciate Native American Artifacts.

The Story of Seminole Trail Threads

David Brim and Matt Oglesby, two close friends and artifact enthusiasts living in Central Florida, founded Seminole Trail Threads out of their mutual passion for uncovering and appreciating Native American history. With backgrounds in entrepreneurship and marketing, and a deep respect for history, they embarked on a journey to create a brand that offers stylish and meaningful products while educating and inspiring others about the significance of Native American heritage. Through their thoughtfully designed apparel and accessories, David and Matt aim to bridge the past and present, celebrating the rich cultural legacy of Native Americans.